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STORIES-3Are you feeling lonely, overwhelmed or unsure of yourself on your lone parenting journey? Would you like to connect with other parents who are ready to step into personal leadership of their family? Has the recent change at home given you the push you need to take a close look at who you are being as a person, and a parent, today?

The still and quiet place that arrives after the storm of a nuclear family ending is a golden opportunity.

It is the perfect time to gather in your thoughts and resources, to reflect on all you have learned, and step forward with a clear vision for your future as a family.

Let experienced Leadership and Parent Coach, Nina Farr walk with you as you begin your intentional journey as a lone parent.

A lone parent herself for three years, and now a busy and happy step parent, Nina Farr understands the realities of parenting through family change. The laughter, the joy, the challenges, and also the grief that naturally occurs when your family changes shape.


Here are the different ways we can work together:



Private coaching

I work with women who are parenting alone, who are searching for a truly meaningful and satisfying experience of parenthood. Women who are ambitious and energetic for their own lives, who believe parenting is as significant to their identity as their careers, interests or romantic relationships. I empower, challenge and inspire women who have experienced family breakdown to live a connected and vibrant life as strong parent-leaders for their family.

My mission is to support you in deeply connecting with your children, with yourself and your community so that you are able to contribute your unique skills, gifts and talents to the world while raising children who are secure enough and bold enough to do the same.

If you are ready to take bold steps towards the self-growth and personal development that you know your life is calling you to make, please get in touch. You won’t regret it! Together we will lay down the burdens of self-judgement, fear, resentment and worry so that you can see yourself through new eyes. As the confident, competent, brim-full of potential parent I know you really are.

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NF group programs

Family Vision is an eight module course that has been rigorously tested and evaluated by families just like yours. It will gently guide you to develop core elements of values-based leadership, while offering a safe and supported place to evaluate your own parenting.

Our in-person group is available in Exeter through the local Children’s Centres, with free childcare provided on site. As you complete the course you will discover a compelling, meaningful and completely personal vision for your future as a family. One that embraces all of your personal potential and celebrates all that your family is.

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NF self study

Access the full Family Vision course via online conference calls and downloadable resources, from the comfort of your own home (worldwide). A waiting list is held for this option – join now to be updated with group times and start dates by emailing or using our contact form.

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NF Professional

CPD and practitioner workshops for those working with and alongside parents, colleagues or students in a mentoring or supportive/pastoral care role. Email with a brief outline of your organisations needs and I’ll be in touch to build your own unique workshop or event with you.

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