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GratitudeWelcome to the New Year! I hope that 2015 brings you love and light and happiness in bundles.

However, I do realise that January is a challenging month for many people. Resolutions are made (and often broken) by now. Our purses are lighter and after the mad rush of holiday season, the kids are out of sorts, parents are tired. Routines are being dragged back into play while we all rather wish we could have another holiday to recover from the one that just finished.

All of which adds up to January not feeling like your most creative or inspired time of year.

What would it feel like if you could let go of those feelings of exhaustion, overwhelm or resentment, of not being good enough, for long enough to imagine something better? Not to vow to do better, while feeling guilty about the times you messed up or shouted at the kids. Or to punish yourself for still smoking or having that glass of wine. Not to berate your body for being squashier or lumpier than you’d like.

How would if feel to simply let go, while you imagine that you have total, beautiful acceptance of who you are right now. To sink into a deep gratitude for what you have right now.

Gratitude and acceptance are some of the most powerfully motivating emotions for change. While that may seem contradictory, it is only when we really appreciate how wonderful we are and how fortunate we are in this very moment, that we are able to access the feeling of energy and empowerment change requires.

I’d like to offer you a creative visualisation to meditate with for the start of your new year:

Sit comfortably, or lie down somewhere quiet.

Stretch your fingers and your toes, flexing them then relaxing.

In your own time, starting at your scalp, feel the tension flow out of you – as if a warm comfortable blanket is being placed on your shoulders, feel that warm sensation of contentment flow through your body as each part of you relaxes.

Enjoy the warm feeling of being taken care of right now, in this moment.

Now you are warm and relaxed, picture each one of your family in turn. These may be your biological family, family who have come to you by destiny, or family you have chosen to make your own. Each one is important, each one is loved. Call them to mind and smile at them, sharing the warmth and love that you feel inside with each one.

As you think about each of these wonderful people in turn, say thank you to them in your mind. Thank you for the blessings they bring into your life, thank you for the opportunities they give you to be a parent, a child, a partner or friend in return.

Feel the flow of loving energy and warmth travel between each of you, an invisible network of love and care that keeps each one of you safe, connected, secure and warm. Knowing each of you is loved and each of you belongs.

Take several deep breaths and smile as you enjoy this sense of deep love and connection with your family.

As you breathe deeply, start to feel this energy fill you up, starting at your toes, flowing up your legs, over your knees, up your thighs, your abdomen, your fingers, arms and shoulders. Feel the energy flow over your face, relaxing that smile even further into a laugh, before flooding all of your scalp and flowing out of you.

Open your eyes.

Filled with this powerful energy and sense of connection, take a pen and paper and imagine all the ways you will share your love for your family in the coming months and year. Write them down as clear statements of intent, knowing that you deserve them.

When you have finished writing all your ideas down, put them up to remind you daily what wonderful things will come from gratitude, acceptance and love.

May 2015 be a blessed year for you all!

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